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Thank you

The last several days have been vital in giving shape to Liberals’ ideas and priorities. Canadians from across the country came together to discuss how we can build the team and build the plan that will create economic growth for the middle class. The Convention ends today, but with an energized organization of grassroots Canadians, a new Party President, Anna Gainey, a strong National Executive, and our Leader, Justin Trudeau, we have shown Canadians that Liberals have a strong team and new ideas. This movement we’re building together belongs to you. Thank you for being a part of it.

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Justin Trudeau, Liberal Leader

Liberal friends, This is an exciting time to be a Liberal. From February 20 to 23, we will be gathering in Montreal for our Biennial Convention – and I hope you will consider attending. This convention is a key milestone on the road to the next federal election, which is drawing closer every day. When we gather in Montreal, Liberals – from Victoria to St. John’s and from Iqaluit to Windsor – will have one priority: to get ready.

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