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How to stand as a delegate

In order to register as a delegate, you must first stand for election as a delegate in your riding.

Please click here to submit your “Notice of intent to participate as a delegate” form to begin the process.

All delegates and alternate delegates MUST be members of the Liberal Party.  Other members and non-members may attend as observers (the Liberal Party reserves the right to accredit non-member observers).  Please refer to section 69 of the Party’s Constitution for additional information on rights to attend and vote.

Who are delegates and alternates and how are they elected?
Delegates, including ex-officios, are the only participants at the convention eligible to vote. Delegates and alternate delegates are elected in their home ridings or in their associate member ridings. Alternates can take the place of a delegate and be eligible to vote if an elected delegate is not able to attend the convention.

Delegate Selection Meetings (DSMs) will be held in each Electoral District Association (EDA) across Canada no later than December 23, 2013 as per the DSM rules adopted by the National Board of Directors. Members should contact their local EDA President or Provincial/Territorial Association (PTA) to find out when and where their meeting will be held.  Please refer to section 70 of the Party’s Constitution for additional information on DSMs.

How do I become a delegate?
To become a delegate, you must have been a member of the Liberal Party of Canada at least 41 days prior to the Delegate Selection Meeting in your riding as set out in the DSM rules. Eligible members can then put their names forward to be nominated for a delegate position. Every riding is entitled to elect 20 delegates plus 2 Aboriginal delegates. Youth clubs can elect 4 delegates and women’s and seniors’ clubs can elect 2 delegates.

Other voting members are ex-officio delegates (Riding Presidents, MPs, Senators, Candidates, PTA Executive members, Commission officers, etc.).   For more information on DSMs, please refer to section 70 of the Party’s Constitution.

For more information, please read Party Bylaw 1: Procedures for election of delegates to a Biennial Convention.

For all inquiries relating to the election of delegates to the Montreal 2014 – Liberal Biennial Convention, please email